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Pregnancy and Dental X-rays

When you are pregnant, your health, and the health of your baby, become your first priority. For years, dental X-rays during pregnancy were thought to pose a huge health risk for the unborn baby. However, we wanted to take some … Continued

Why Dental Implants Beat Dentures

For many people who have suffered from missing teeth, dentures often seem like the obvious go-to solution. For years, dentures have been heralded as a convenient tooth replacement option because they are quick, affordable and usually are a minimally invasive … Continued

How to Get Whiter and Brighter Teeth

Pickles, Sports Drinks, and Wine…Oh My! Just in time for the holidays, ABC News came out with a report detailing the best and worst foods for your teeth. The report listed the top foods that were responsible for damaging teeth. … Continued

How Porcelain Veneers Can Improve Your Health

Have you been underestimating the power of your smile? In a recent 2013 study, researchers found that smiling is directly related to your physical and mental health. Not only can smiling make you feel happier, but the simple act can … Continued