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Keep Your Natural Tooth With Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal Concepts-Fact or Fiction? Root canal, or endodontic treatment, is one of the more misunderstood dental procedures. What is your initial reaction to the words? Most people express some fear, or at least avoidance of an endodontic treatment. This … Continued

Detecting Cavities in Children Quickly and Painlessly

DIAGNOdent at Alliance Family Dental Our children’s teeth are especially vulnerable to decay. They are much less experienced at brushing properly and are more prone to enjoy sugary snacks than adults. These two factors alone make a child’s mouth the … Continued

How to Get Whiter and Brighter Teeth

Pickles, Sports Drinks, and Wine…Oh My! Just in time for the holidays, ABC News came out with a report detailing the best and worst foods for your teeth. The report listed the top foods that were responsible for damaging teeth. … Continued

Understanding Teeth Whitening

Are you constantly bothered by stained or discolored teeth? If so, teeth whitening can effectively address your concern and provide you with a dazzling, white smile. Let’s face it, most people do not have naturally white teeth. The natural color … Continued

The Real Value of Mouth Guards

Do you have an athlete in the family? If so, you may worry about accidental injuries, especially from sports that have a high incidence of facial injuries, such as football and hockey. It’s not a bad time to give some … Continued

Stress and Bruxism

Life can be filled with so many frustrations and can place a lot of stress on you. And when you are stressed, your body can bear the brunt of all that. And it’s not just your weight which struggles when … Continued

Beat Cavities in Four Punches

If you want to destroy your tooth and cause excruciating pain, then having a cavity is the way to go. But of course, no one in his or her right mind would wish to have cavities. However, the best way … Continued

Dental Cosmetic Treatments for Every Kind of Patient

A beautiful smile may be your key to success. While it is true that beauty of the superficial kind should not be glorified, the fact remains that individuals are more confident when they have a perfect smile. Since confident individuals … Continued