Dentures in Fayetteville NCMissing teeth continue to be a growing concern in our society. A US study indicates that 20.5% of adult Americans 65 and older have lost all their teeth due to decay, unhealthy gums and other dental issues. To address this problem, dentistry offers several options to replace missing teeth and one of these options is dentures. Dentures offer a reliable solution for lost teeth. Your grandmother may be using dentures, as well as a friend or neighbor across the street. Dentures have been a part of our lives for years and continue to provide us with dependable, functional and natural-looking false teeth.

One of the most common concerns with dentures is eating. New denture users find it quite a challenge to eat with their false teeth. They say that dentures have the tendency to tilt forward or move uncomfortably while eating. Thus, Dr. Patrice Barber has prepared for you 5 helpful tips when eating with your false teeth. Here they are as follows.

Eat food in small slices or portions.

As you are still in the process of getting adjusted to eating with your false teeth, it is best to eat food in small portions. This allows you to better control and chew your food.

Try to use both sides of your mouth when chewing food with dentures.

This will even out the chewing motion and create that comfortable feeling of balance and symmetry. You can try chewing some of your food on the back left side and then continue chewing with the other side. You will realize that, in time, you will get adjusted to eating properly with your dentures and begin to enjoy mealtimes more.

Eat soft foods at first.

Take it slow and easy. Start with soft foods like cooked eggs, fish, risotto, or pudding. Once you’ve become accustomed to eating these types of foods, increase your food choices and include meat and crunchy vegetables. Take things one step at a time. Soon, you will be eating a variety of dishes including the ones that you love the most.

Add herbs and spices to your dishes.

Your mouth considers dentures as a foreign object, therefore, food will seem to taste differently at first. This can be remedied by adding extra herbs and spices to flavor your dishes.

Take advantage of a dental adhesive.

Most denture users take advantage of a dental adhesive to keep their false teeth in place. A dental adhesive creates stability and increases biting force. You will find this dental assisting greatly beneficial when eating with your false teeth.

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