Fayetteville dentistEvery now and then, we can use from some form of refresher course with regards to our dental health. Even though we have been brushing or flossing our teeth for what seems to be an entire lifetime, it’s still very much possible that you may have been caring for your teeth the wrong way. So below are some of the things your dentist wants you to remember the next time that you give your pearly whites some much needed TLC.

You may need to switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush.

The problem with brushing is that it naturally rubs against your gums. When this happens, your gums will really be prone to gingivitis or some other form of gum disease such as periodontitis. But since you really must brush your teeth, switching toothbrushes could be the answer to your gummy problem. Soft-bristled brushes are less likely to irritate your gums. On top of that, you may also need to lay off on brushing your teeth too vigorously.

Know the right method of brushing your teeth.

Most of individuals know just one way of brushing their teeth, and that is hard. However, not only does this irritate your gums and cause for them to bleed, the method is also very ineffective at removing plaque and other dental debris. What dentists suggest is brushing in a rotating oscillating manner. That is, you should constantly rotate the head of your brush while you brush up and down. Also, the head of your toothbrush should be facing your teeth at a 45-degree angle to prevent the bristles from brushing directly up against the gums and even moving into the tiny crevices of the gumline.

Pick the right toothpaste.

Your choice of toothpaste is an extremely crucial part of maintaining dental hygiene. For one, the presence, or absence, of fluoride in your toothpaste will determine your chances of having tooth decay. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which aids in the generation of enamel crystals. These crystals coat the outermost layer of your teeth and make it harder for cavities to develop. However, some toothpastes are actually devoid of fluoride and are only considered cosmetic products.

It doesn’t count if it lasts for less than two minutes.

You can divide your mouth into four quarters and devote 30 seconds per quarter. The important thing is that you need to brush for at least 2 minutes in order to ensure a thorough clean. And don’t forget to scrape your tongue right after.

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