Fayetteville dentistWhen you compare men and women alongside each other, it’s easy to see that women are more particular with regards to their dental health compared to their male counterparts. However, just because males do not feel the need to visit their dentist or even brush their teeth as much as women, that should not serve as an excuse. The lax way that men approach their dental health is actually ironic given that males are more prone to suffering from dental conditions compared to females.

You smoke.

One reason for why men are at high risk for the development of various dental conditions is because of their propensity to smoke. While there are some females who smoke as well, majority of smokers are men. The problem with smoking, aside from the fact that you could get lung cancer and emphysema, is that your gums would become irritated to the point wherein they begin to develop gum infections.

Given that gum infections, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, are collectively known as the leading cause of teeth loss, men would lose an average of 5-11 teeth by the time that they reach the age of 72. The early signs of gum disease include tendency for gums to bleed, having red instead of pink gums as well as a tartar or calcified plaque accumulations. However, mild gum infections can be treated with the help of dental professional cleaning and that requires you actually having to visit your dentist regularly.

You like to consume sports drinks.

Men, being generally more active than women, would also rely on sports and energy drinks in order to replenish their lost energy. The problem with this, though, is that the sugar found in these drinks would cause the bacteria in your mouth to multiply in a hyperactive fashion and accelerate the development of cavities. On the other hand, these drinks also contain high levels of acids. These acidic substances would soften the enamel layer of your teeth, making your teeth even more vulnerable.

While some sports and energy drinks really are helpful in replacing lost electrolytes as well as water which you sweat out after playing, you need to pay close attention to the sugar and acid content of the beverage before you start chugging away. Chances are that a number of energy drinks actually contain nothing more than sugar to prop you up before promptly inducing you into a sugar crash.