Dental Check-up in  Fayetteville NC If you want to destroy your tooth and cause excruciating pain, then having a cavity is the way to go. But of course, no one in his or her right mind would wish to have cavities. However, the best way that you can prevent yourself from getting something is by knowing exactly how you can get it to begin with.

How do cavities develop?

The enamel layer of your teeth may be rock hard, but it’s not made of steel. For this reason, it can dissolve over time when it is exposed to acidic substances. The acids can be generated from the action of oral bacteria which then utilizes sugars left inside your mouth. This leads to the production of acids as a by-product of metabolism. The acid is then what causes enamel erosion and eventual tooth decay.

How can you keep yourself from developing cavities?

Brush regularly.

Brushing would get rid of dental debris, which is utilized by the bacteria inside your mouth and turned into acids. Essentially, the longer you wait till you brush, the more of the dental debris would be left for the bacteria to metabolize. And when there is an increase of acids inside your mouth, dental erosion happens at an accelerated rate.

Floss just as often.

To majority of the population, flossing is just an activity which is encouraged but not really mandatory. But when you find out how frequently individuals develop cavities in between your teeth, then you won’t see flossing as such a chore anymore. Brushing is great but it cannot clean the spaces in between your teeth because of the large bristles. Hence, there is a need to get rid of plaque which may be stuck in these areas, and the only way to do that is through flossing.

Invest in a lot of fluoride.

For as long as you have all of your permanent teeth out and about, then you can consume as much fluoride as you need without having to worry about dental fluorosis. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which can help to thicken the enamel crystals that line the external layer of your teeth. On top of that, fluoride can even allow for the regeneration of mineral crystals which otherwise would have been lost because of the development of cavities. Drinking from the tap can give you a good dose of fluoride but so will brushing your teeth using toothpaste that is fortified with the mineral.

Get Your Regular Check-ups

The beginning of a cavity has no pain and you probably cannot see it. If you get it fixed at this stage then  you will have a simple and inexpensive procedure. If you wait too long it gets more and more expensive because more complicated procedures are required. Get your dental check-up in Fayetteville NC at Alliance  Family Dental. Dr. Barber will take good care of you,  call today.

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