Root Canal Concepts-Fact or Fiction?

Fayetteville NC DentistRoot canal, or endodontic treatment, is one of the more misunderstood dental procedures. What is your initial reaction to the words? Most people express some fear, or at least avoidance of an endodontic treatment. This is usually because patients do not understand the facts about root canals. We’d like to debunk some of those myths so that you will understand that you have nothing to fear.

Test your knowledge:

Endodontic Treatment-

  1. is painful- FALSE. The treatment is designed to relieve pain and rid your tooth of infection. You will be completely numbed during the procedure.
  2. is expensive- TRUE, to an extent. Yes, the treatment may seem costly, but is still the best and most cost-effective way to retain a full set of teeth. In other words, it is less expensive than tooth extraction followed by a bridge or dental implant, and as you may know, keeping your own tooth in place is better for your oral health than a replacement.
  3. is linked to cancer- FALSE. There has been an article circulating on social media for some time now that makes this claim, however, there is no real link between root canal therapy and cancer. This century-old information that was collected without proper scientific procedures may be alarming, but it just does not stand up to modern scrutiny.
  4. requires strong painkillers afterward- FALSE. While this may sometimes be the case if there is a lot of inflammation present, the pain involved is mostly due to the infection before the procedure, and is greatly alleviated after. Most patients can usually rely on over-the-counter medications, however, talk to Dr. Barber if you are experiencing a lot of post-procedure pain.
  5. is usually followed by placement of a crown- TRUE. Endodontic therapy, by its very nature, usually removes a significant portion of the tooth, as well as nerves and blood vessels which feed the tooth. This both weakens the structure of the tooth and can cause it to become brittle due to no longer receiving nourishment from the blood stream. To protect your endodontically treated tooth from further damage, a crown is usually required. Fortunately, nowadays you can choose an all-porcelain crown, which has a very natural look.

No Need For Fear

If Dr. Barber tells you that you can benefit from this treatment, don’t be afraid. She will educate you about all of the benefits, as well as the risks, so you can make an informed decision without fear. Saving your natural teeth is the desired outcome for all of us.

If you think you need a root canal, call Alliance Family Dental at (910) 868-4664(910) 868-4664 or schedule a consultation here today! We want to help you keep your tooth, feel better, and improve your dental health and general well-being.