Bruxism Fayetteville NCLife can be filled with so many frustrations and can place a lot of stress on you. And when you are stressed, your body can bear the brunt of all that. And it’s not just your weight which struggles when you are stressed but also your teeth. Stress could lead to the development of bruxism or teeth grinding which could wear out your teeth up to a point where they become mere stumps.

Bruxism: What It Is

When you develop teeth grinding, you won’t be gnashing your teeth all day through. On the other hand, episodes often happen when you are asleep and this is the reason for why you may not even know that you have the condition despite the fact that you’ve been suffering from it for quite some time already. However, some individuals who have developed this condition quite severely could have episodes of teeth grinding even during waking times.

When Do You Know You Have It?

Finding out that you have the condition may require a lot of observation on your part since teeth grinding episodes develop while you are unconscious and fast asleep. At the same time, you can also observe a number of signs and symptoms which often develop when you have bruxism. The friction and the constant grinding motion could lead you to have headaches as you are waking up. At the same time, bruxism can also lead you notice that your jaw muscles hurt more and it’s even possible for you hear yourself grind your teeth as you are waking up.

How Can You Treat It?

If you are looking for a quick fix to your dental grinding problem, then what you can do is to ask Dr. Barber for mouthguards which will shield your teeth from the effects of grinding your teeth. Because you now have a protective sheath lining your teeth, then your teeth can be kept from getting worn out. However, this isn’t a sustainable solution though since you would still be grinding your teeth.

If you want a way to get rid of the condition with permanence, then you would have to address the underlying cause of the problem which can be one of so many factors. For instance, grinding your teeth could be a result of malocclusions or bad bites which would have to be corrected through orthodontic braces while anxiety could be treated with the help of therapy.

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