Fayetteviille Dental ImplantsDental implants are better alternatives for tooth loss because of how this method enables the titanium fixture to be fused with the surrounding dental tissue that it has been drilled into. This ensures more strength and even permanency of the implant if maintained properly. This will get rid of the most common complain of patients who wear dentures and dental bridges – the fear that these dental prostheses will loosen up and fall off while they are eating or talking.

However, not every patient can be considered a good candidate for dental implants. It’s normal for your dentist to examine your dental health and even your medical history thoroughly to determine if you are a passable candidate for dental implants. Here are some of the things which your dentist will check for.

Medical History

Your medical history, including the past and present conditions which are were and are treated for, will play a huge role in determining if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Immuncompromised patients. Patients who lack a healthy immune system may not only find it hard to heal properly but they are also prone to infections. Patients in immunodeficient states, are taking immunosuppresants such as steroids and have diabetes mellitus are just some of the individuals who are classified as immunocompromised and are contraindicated from going forward with the oral surgery.

Intake of certain drugs. There are certain drugs which can impede with the natural ability of one’s blood to clot. The intake of anticoagulants is a normal course of treatment among individuals who have cardiovascular problems and hypertension. However, these drugs could make bleeding inevitable during oral surgery. Patients who want to push through with the procedure should cease their intake of the blood thinning drugs for a specified period of time before they can go through with the oral surgery.


Smokers are known to have lesser chances of a successful dental implant as compared to those who do not smoke. While smoking does not permanently ban a person from getting dental implants, smokers are advised to stop smoking at least a week before the procedure in order to increase the success rate and improve the patient’s rate of healing.

People with bruxism are also advised against getting dental implants unless they get mouth guards or seek other methods to treat the teeth grinding. The forces generated whenever one teeth grinds will only wear down the dental implants and lower the success rates.

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