Dental Sealants Fayetteville NYYour children requires all the dental attention he or she can get. Not only are they not yet that capable of taking care of their teeth, but they’re also in the process of growing teeth, losing teeth and then growing back teeth again. This entire cycle can be so volatile that malocclusions or bad bites can occur. But regardless of which dental crisis your child may be up against, there are treatments which you can run to.

Tooth Decay — Dental Sealants

It’s easy to understand why children get cavities a lot; they have a hyperactive sweet tooth they very much like to please and they don’t always brush their teeth. And when they do brush, they aren’t really that thorough and do not include the back of their mouths or their molars anymore. For this reason, it’s their molars which are the most vulnerable in all this.

In order to protect the molars from cavities and tooth decay, your child can go through a dental sealing procedure. The procedure involves painting a liquid coating of plastic sealant on the biting surfaces of the molars. The reason for why molars are singled out is because their biting surfaces contain pits and grooves which serve as traps for plaque and other dental debris. As the plaque ferments, cavities develop.

Losing Milk Teeth Too Early — Space Maintainers

Your child will begin to lose his or her baby teeth by the time that he or she hits the age of five or six. However, it’s very much possible for your child to start losing them way earlier either because of an abnormality or because of a facial injury.

The problem with this is that baby teeth are also known as placeholders for the permanent teeth. But when the milk tooth is lost earlier than usual, the permanent tooth that replaces it has not yet developed completely so the gap will exist for some time. This will cause the adjacent milk teeth to move slowly into the vacated space. When the placeholders start shifting to another position, the underlying permanent teeth will also erupt in a location away from their intended ones.

To prevent the shifting of teeth, your dentist will have to place space maintainers or a piece of metallic device which is attached to the adjacent tooth and has a wire which extends and rests up on the opposite adjacent tooth to keep the space open.

Dental Sealants Fayetteville NY

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