Some people, especially those who’ve had a dental trauma in the past, view dentists as somewhat frightening and unpredictable. Dental phobias are common, and are often difficult to handle because of preconceptions. Alliance Family Dental in Fayetteville, NC hopes this article will bust myths surrounding dentists and dental practices to prevent people from suffering in silence with regards to their oral health.

Dental Treatments are too expensive. If people are not scared of the dental treatments themselves, they are most likely to be afraid of the costs involved. Dental procedures depend on procedural fees, insurance coverage, and treatment timing; that is why settling all the expenses and options before undergoing treatment is important. Dr. Barber will also agree that early detection and prevention is best to counteract the possibility of needing costly alternative treatments.

Visit a Dentist Only When There’s Pain. Some people hold back on visiting Alliance Family Dental, thinking that the discomfort will eventually go away. Dr. Barber has been recommending preventive treatments—such as general cleaning—for years; this should prevent oral problems (like tooth decay) from progressing further. Moreover, gum and tooth pain may be signs of a more serious condition, so it may pay to get Dr. Barber in Fayetteville, NCto check your oral condition.

The Dentist Will be Surprised About my Mouth’s Condition. Dr. Barber is already medically trained to check, prevent, and cure tooth and gum disease. It’s par for the course for her to see and treat patients who have extremely poor oral health. General dentists will refer you to a periodontist or physician for oral problems that are out of general dentist practice. So if you think that your mouth is in bad shape and you are too embarrassed to let Dr. Barber see it, remember that Alliance Family Dental can professionally help you with your condition and wouldn’t be surprised by it.

Modern Treatments are Absolutely Painless. There are instances where treatment discomfort is inevitable, as is true when you have dental pain as a result of surgical treatments (i.e. root canals). But modern dentistry has various anesthetic options to minimize the impact of pain in dental procedures. Moreover, Dr. Barber is trained and skilled in pain management and prevention.

Women Can’t Have Dental Care When They’re Pregnant. Alliance Family Dental in Fayetteville, NC says that it would be best to avoid any x-rays or scans during the first trimester of pregnancy. But for the remaining trimesters, dental care is just as important as any other time in a woman’s life. Additionally, having good oral health for an expectant mom is important for a health pregnancy.