If you’re breaking into a sweat at the thought of visiting Alliance Family Dental in Fayetteville, NC because it could burn a hole in your pocket, you’re not alone. The price of nearly every commodity has gone up, and dental treatments are no exception. Unfortunately, by stubbornly putting off your dental appointment, you’re doing yourself a disservice that can become more painful, and more expensive, in the future.

It’s easy to understand why you dread the cost of the procedure more than the hour-long dental procedure itself, which isn’t exactly the most comfortable of treatments. It’s like forking over money for someone to drill your mouth.

You’re probably trying to figure out a way to keep the cost of your dental treatment to the barest minimum. Fortunately, you don’t have to move heaven and earth to achieve this. Every dentist is aware of this reality, and many of them try to come up with ways to help you save money. Dr. Barber and her staff at Alliance Family Dental in Fayetteville, NC is no different.

One option is a bundled dental treatment program that allows patients to save money. Dr. Barber will create a program where patients can choose a bundle of specific services for a flat fee, within a given period of time. For example, the Alliance Family Dental might offer a program where you can have one bite-wing x-ray, two cleanings with two adult exams, and 15% off all other dental procedures valid for one year, all for $349.

If you had opted to have all the procedures done without the benefit of the bundled program, it would’ve been very expensive. Two cleanings come to about $200, an x-ray for $50, and two adult exams for about $200 in a given year – do the math, and you’ll see that you would save around $100! That’s quite a bargain, especially if you can’t afford dental insurance or if your insurance provider doesn’t cover these procedures.

Think of it as an all-in-one package deal. What you save will depend on the Alliance Family Dental’s current offers. Don’t hesitate to learn the specifics of each promo and search for better deals that you may not be fully aware of.

Call Dr. Barber and Alliance Family Dental in Fayetteville, NC to discuss your money saving options today.