Prentative Dental Care in Fayetteville NCSome people feel that optimum oral health is an unachievable feat simply because the mouth is a constant haven of food and bacteria. While it is true that there is always some degree of bacteria present in the mouth, there are ways to prevent them from accumulating and causing problems for the teeth and gums. Preventive dental care is on your side when it comes to keeping the mouth clean and healthy. It includes deep cleanings, preventive sealants, mouthguards, and fluoride treatment, to maintain the health and hygiene of your teeth.

What are Deep Cleanings?

Deep cleanings are also known as oral prophylaxis. This treatment thoroughly cleans your teeth and gums; thus, removing bacteria and preventing the buildup of plaque. While brushing and flossing are important daily habits that you should maintain, professional treatments like deep cleanings are required to thoroughly remove plaque that settles on hard-to-clean areas of your mouth. During a deep cleaning session, the dentist uses special tools and techniques to scrape off plaque from your teeth and below the gum line. Deep cleanings don’t only give you a clean mouth, but also bright, white teeth.

Why are Preventive Sealants and Fluoride Treatments Important?

Preventive sealants and fluoride treatments are important preventive dental care treatments because they protect and strengthen the teeth. Preventive sealants envelope the molars with a protective plastic coating; thus, sealing them from plaque and bacteria. Fluoride treatment, on the other hand, makes the teeth stronger by giving them their rightful dose of fluoride. Fluoride is applied liberally to each tooth so it becomes strong and well protected from damage. Teeth rich in fluoride do not get damaged easily. Teeth with preventive sealants do not allow plaque and bacteria to touch and penetrate the teeth. Thus, both treatments are essential for preventive dental care and optimum oral health.

What are Mouthguards?

A mouthguard is a dental appliance used to protect the mouth and teeth from damage during contact sports. It’s one of the protective devices used by athletes. Engaging in sports activities such as boxing, soccer, basketball, and wrestling, among others, can result in injuries to the face and mouth. Mouthguards are, therefore, very important to ensure that your mouth does not get easily injured when accidents happen during sports activities.

Take Advantage of Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental care is available at your trusted dental practice in Fayetteville, NC, Alliance Family Dental. You owe it to yourself to take these preventive dental treatments. Deep cleanings must be performed twice yearly, to ensure the prevention of plaque buildup. Preventive sealants and fluoride treatments can then be availed at the same time that you get professional teeth cleaning. We, at Alliance Family Dental, will show you what preventive dental care should be. We will take good care of you and your smile. Call us today at (910) 868-4664 to schedule your consultation.

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