xrayAccording to dentists like Dr. Barber at Alliance Family Dental in Fayetteville, NC, there is no other dental condition which affects the majority of individuals like dental caries, which is the clinical name for tooth decay or cavities. But while cavities are a way of life for most of us, why is it that there are some people who seem impenetrable to dental caries? The answer has to do with the risk factors for developing cavities which include the following:

Location. During a check-up, Dr. Barber in Fayetteville, NC will always look at the back of your teeth,especially your molars and pre-molars. This is because these teeth are frequently effected by cavities due to the ridges and crevices which your premolars and molars are known for. Also, people rarely think about brushing the back of their teeth, which allows bacteria to thrive in these locations to cause the destruction.

Foods and drinks. Sugary foods and drinks cause tooth decay because they allow for the rapid multiplication of bacteria in one’s mouth. The reason for this is because microorganisms need food to thrive and their food of choice is sugar. However, it’s not just sweets which can lead to cavities but also starchy substances which are converted into sugars in one’s mouth.

Snacking often. The reason for why you brush your teeth right after a meal is so that you can cut the amount of sugar which is available in your mouth for bacterial metabolism. However, no one ever thinks to brush after snacking.  Your mouth becomes so full of sugar that bacteria is able to utilize the substances to grow.

Age. It has been recorded that individuals who are of younger and older ages are more prone to cavities. The reason why children are prone to dental caries is obvious; they love to eat candies and other sweets, and they aren’t that strict about their dental habits. On the other hand, older individuals are prone to cavities because of a number of reasons- from having a dry mouth due to conditions or medications, inability to brush and floss properly due to joint pain, and forgetfulness.

Inadequate fluoride. Flouride is needed for the remineralization of teeth, or the addition of calcium crystals, to one’s teeth in order to replace the ones lost throughout the entire process of cavity formation. Dental hygiene products should contain at least 1,000 ppm of fluoride in order to have cavity protecting properties.

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