Effective dental procedures can be attributed not only to the skill of the dentist, but also to the tools and equipment being used. Dentists should be knowledgeable about dental equipment to perform diagnosis and procedures such as dental restoration, extraction, and gum treatments. Take a look at some of the common dental technologies, some of which Dr. Barber at Alliance Family Dental may use during your next visit.

Digital x-rays

Instead of using traditional x-rays, Dr. Barber at Alliance Family Dental uses digital x-rays during diagnosis. This type of equipment is safer that the traditional ones, because it uses up to 90 percent less radiation. Dr. Barber uses digital x-rays to produce computer-generated images of the oral cavity. Such images can be viewed the instant they are transmitted to the monitor, without the need not to conventionally develop the images, unlike the traditional silver-oxide x-ray film.

More efficient diagnosis is now possible with the use of digital x-rays. Digital images can be enlarged to closely examine a particular area of the mouth to explain the result to the patient. Dr. Barber may also send copies of the images to another professional or specialist at Alliance Family Dental for consultations or referrals.

Intraoral Cameras

Another high-end technology that Alliance Family Dental may use is an intraoral camera. It is a small dental camera that resembles a fancy ball point pen. These cameras provide better magnification and clarity of images that Dr. Barber can use during examinations or consultations with patients. Dr. Barber may also take pictures of the different parts of the oral cavity for the patient to take home.


More oral health problems can now be treated using different types of lasers. Dental lasers have been used not only to speed up dental works, but also to reduce the pain and anxiety among patients. Collectively known as laser dentistry, laser treatments work best with teeth bleaching and root canals. Some lasers, however, are not recommended for people who already have dental fillings.

Dr. Barber and Alliance Family Dental may use carbon-dioxide lasers for oral surgery, Diode and Nd:YAG lasers for removing inflamed gum tissue, erbium lasers for teeth filling, and Nd:YAG lasers for revitalizing oral tissues. Take note that not all dental procedures involve the use of laser technology. Your dentist must justify why laser has to be used. Patients can also compare the cost and benefits of laser treatment with traditional treatments.