Are you having problems with stains and discoloration on your teeth that whitening alone cannot addressDental Veneers Fayetteville NC? Cosmetic dentistry offers you a great solution-porcelain veneers to mask those unbleachable stains on your teeth. Veneers or laminates are thin shells that mimic the appearance and shade of a tooth. Not only do they mask discoloration, they also correct other problems like chips, cracks, gaps, uneven length, and misalignment. Thus, veneers are considered as your versatile, all-around cosmetic dental treatment that can greatly improve and enhance a smile. With veneers, it truly is possible for Dr. Barber to design your smile to perfection.

Porcelain Veneers – Step by Step Procedure for Smile Enhancement

Veneers are designed to provide beauty and symmetry for your smile. The process begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Barber. This first visit will be all about evaluation and treatment planning, with Dr. Barber showing you the goals of the treatment. He will explain to the you what happens during the procedure, as well as the expected outcome. The patient will then need to take another appointment for the next step of the treatment.

The next visit involves tooth preparation and taking impressions. The dentist prepares a tooth by removing a few millimeters of its enamel, to give space for the veneers. Then, the doctor will take impressions of the teeth. This information will be sent to a dental lab that will create the custom-fitted veneers. While the veneers are being fabricated, the patient will need to wear temporary veneers, so he is able to smile and eat normally. Once the veneers are done, the patient will return to the dentist for the actual veneer bonding procedure.

The veneer bonding process involves skill and precision. The doctor will carefully place the veneers on the teeth; skillfully making sure that the mouth is able to function properly. The dentist needs to consider the bite and smile of a patient, making all the necessary adjustments before the veneers are placed. This ensures that the veneers are able to provide the patient with many years of function and beauty. The entire process takes at least 3 appointments to complete, with results that can last from 10 to 15 years.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

• Translucence – This quality makes porcelain veneers appear very much like real teeth.

• Stain Resistance – Veneers repel stains, so it is easy to care and maintain them.

• Durability – Veneers are strong cosmetic treatments that can last for many years.

• Versatility – Chips, cracks, discoloration, misalignment, and gaps can be all be addressed by porcelain veneers.

• Painless and Quick Process – The process is painless, with the final appointment giving you an instant smile makeover.

Porcelain Veneers – The Perfect Solution for an Instant Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dentistry offers various options for smile enhancement, but porcelain veneers do stand out because they’re versatile, durable, long-lasting, natural looking, and offer instant results. You don’t need to wait months for your teeth to whiten or years to straighten the teeth. Porcelain veneers are the perfect solution to transform your smile instantly and experience the benefits for many years.

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