Dental Savings Program in Fayetteville NCOne of the leading dentists in Fayetteville, NC, Dr. Patrice Barber offers the in-office dental savings program. This program addresses the need for quality yet affordable dental care in the Fayetteville community. Dr. Barber is aware that many people are avoiding the dentist because of financial concerns. A US study states that a significant percentage of Americans refuse to visit their dentists because of financial issues. Families with children prioritize other needs than a trip to the dentist, therefore, resulting to poor oral health in a majority of US communities.

Dental Savings Programs for Both Adults and Children

We, at Alliance Family Dental, believe that dental care should be part of a good health plan. That is why we’ve developed dental savings programs for both adults and children to address this need. These programs can greatly help families with no dental insurance or those who find  dental insurance to be heavy on the pocket. Dental insurance often gives limited coverage at an expensive price. Dr. Barber took it upon herself to act on this need and address the growing concern for quality, affordable dental care.

Adult Dental Savings Program – $359 for a Wide Scope of Treatments

Our dental savings program for adults is priced inexpensively at $359 for a year of benefits. Availing this program will entitle you to 1 bite-wing x-ray, 2 teeth cleanings and 2 oral exams for one year. It also gives you 15% discount on other dental procedures. This will help you save a great deal of money while giving yourself quality dental care.

Dental Savings Program for Children – $299 for a Variety of Treatments

The American Dental Association (ADA) advises you to bring your kids to the dentist at the early age of two or when the first tooth appears. Teaching kids good oral care habits results to a responsible adult when it comes to dental care. Our dental savings program for children includes 1 bite-wing x-ray, 2 teeth cleanings, 2 oral exams and 2 fluoride treatments for one year. They are also entitled to 15% discount on all other dental procedures. This can be a valuable gift that you can give your child.

Why Is Dental Preventive Care Important?

Dental preventive care is absolutely important because having healthy teeth and gums offers you a myriad of benefits. Healthy teeth are a real comfort as you won’t experience the inconveniences of a toothache and many other dental problems. They also contribute to one’s physical well being. With preventive care, the doctor periodically checks your teeth and immediately addresses potential problems. This avoids costly and complex dental treatments. Why would you want to go through all the trouble of possibly having dental procedures, when you can take preventive measures to care for your teeth? Dental preventive care is a must for oral and physical health.

Avail our In-Office Dental Savings Program Today

We, at Alliance Family Dental, truly care about you. We want you to have optimum oral health without draining your pocket. With our in-office dental savings program, you will have easy access to quality, affordable dental care. Schedule your appointment online, or give us a call at (910) 868-4664.