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Welcome! If you are looking for one of the best dentists that Fayetteville, NC has to offer, look no further. Alliance Family Dental is the one-stop dental facility that provides you and your family with the convenience of the comprehensive dentistry you require under one roof.

Our Services – A Word About Preventive Care

Ask Dr. Barber in Fayetteville, NC, and she will tell you that the main focus of dental health should be on prevention. Attaining and maintaining great oral health should be everyone’s priority, young and old alike.

This is why we, at Alliance Family Dental, have made it our main goal to educate our patients about the benefits of preventive care. We have geared our service offerings toward this goal and give advice during consultations at our facility on the “Whys” and “Hows” of personal dental care.

We believe that our preventive care services are most effective when they support good personal dental health care habits, which we encourage in our patients. Our preventative services include providing regular fluoride treatments and applying preventive sealants. Alliance Family Dental’s preventive care also promotes the use of custom mouthguards for clients who engage in full contact sports and other intense physical activities.

At Alliance Family Dental, we proudly offer dental services in Fayetteville, NC, that are tailored to your unique goals and needs. Feel free to browse through our website for more details on the services we provide. We take pride in the training and expertise of our dentist in Fayetteville, NC, Dr. Patrice Barber, and our professional staff.

Dental Services in Fayetteville, NC
Preventive Care

Preventive Sealants, Mouthguards, Fluoride


Implant Restoration, Partial and Full Dentures, Root Canal Treatment, Fillings, Crowns and Bridges


Bruxism Appliances/Occlusal Guards


Diagnodent, Intraoral Cameras, Nitrous Gas, Dentrix Practice Management Software


Porcelain Laminates (“Veneers”), Teeth Whitening


Periodontal Therapy, Extractions