Preventative Dentistry Fayetteville NCPrevention is key to many things in dentistry. First, it is the key to achieving optimum oral health. It is also the key to a beautiful smile as healthy teeth often translate to beauty. Prevention also avoids costly and complex dental treatments that may not only drain your pocket but also involve time and effort. Thus, preventative dentistry is a must to ensure that you get healthy and beautiful teeth while not subjecting yourself to costly dental treatments. Prevention is, therefore, key to health, wealth, and beauty. It is easy to follow with benefits that last a lifetime.

Preventative Dentistry Treatments from Your Friendly Dentist in Fayetteville, NC

Fluoride Treatment – The dentist applies a liberal amount of fluoride to the patient’s teeth. This treatment makes the teeth strong and healthy. Strong teeth do not crack or break easily. Fluoride treatment is, therefore, an essential preventative dentistry treatment to prevent the onset of decay. This treatment can be performed on both adults and children.

Sealants – This treatment involves the use of a plastic coating that envelopes any molar. This particular set of teeth has grooves and ridges that may be hard to keep clean at all times. Sealants provide a smooth surface, making it easy to brush the surfaces of molars and rid them of plaque. Dental sealants serve as protective shields that protect the teeth from damage. This preventive dentistry treatment is often performed on children, most especially those who are still in the process of learning how to brush.

Oral Prophylaxis – Deep cleanings are essential to prevent the buildup of plaque on the teeth and below the gumline. We all know that plaque is hard to avoid because the mouth is a constant haven for food particles and bacteria. Oral prophylaxis performed twice yearly eliminates plaque buildup and gum problems.

Mouthguards – Individuals who engage in contact sports need to wear mouthguards for protection. Mouthguards prevent damaged teeth due to sports activities like boxing, basketball, soccer, and many more, as well as injuries to the lips, face, and jaw.

Oral Appliance – People who clench or grind their teeth during sleep put extreme pressure on their teeth, subjecting them to breakage. An oral appliance worn during sleep protects the teeth from damage while preventing the occurrence of teeth grinding. An oral appliance is very similar to a mouthguard or a retainer, but serves a different purpose which is to stop bruxism or teeth grinding.

Preventative Dentistry Treatments Promote Optimum Oral Health

While it is important to practice proper brushing and flossing techniques at home, visiting your dentist regularly is also essential. Preventative dentistry treatments like fluoride treatment, sealants, oral prophylaxis, mouthguards, and an oral appliance work for the purpose of optimizing your teeth’s health. Partner with an experienced and reliable dentist like Dr. Patrice Barber, and give your teeth a boost of good dental care regularly. Preventative dentistry treatments are less costly than when a severe dental problem arises, prompting you to spend lots of money. Prevention is a great way to ensure optimum oral health!

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