Fayetteville NC DentistTherapy comes in many forms. It can be physical therapy that conditions and enhances one’s physical health threatened by disability. It can also be hair therapy that gives the hair the nutrients it needs. Therapeutic dentistry is, therefore, a kind of therapy that aims to restore the health of the teeth and gums. At Alliance Family Dental, we are committed to providing therapeutic services like periodontal therapy and tooth extraction to preserve, restore, and maintain the health of your oral cavity. Therapeutic dentistry is an essential aspect of dentistry that contributes greatly to optimum oral health.

Tooth Extractions are Not so Bad After All

As dental professionals, we, at Alliance Family Dental, always do our best to save a tooth from extraction. It’s what we’ve been trained to do as natural teeth must be preserved at all costs before resorting to extraction. However, there are just cases wherein a tooth needs to be extracted. Here are the scenarios wherein this form of therapeutic dentistry is necessary:

Badly Decayed tooth – This is the case when the tooth has already been damaged severely by cavities and can no longer stand on its own. The longer a badly decayed tooth is kept, the more the patient becomes prone to gum disease and dental problems. Dr. Barber can best determine if your tooth can still be saved or not.

For Orthodontic Purposes – Patients who’ve had orthodontic treatment are aware of this. In order for the teeth to align, one or several teeth may need to be extracted. Rest assured; however, that orthodontic treatment usually addresses not just your cosmetic appearance but also your bite and overall functions of the mouth.

Advanced Gum Disease – Healthy gums are the foundation of healthy teeth. With advanced gum disease, the tooth may not have a healthy ground on which to thrive. Tooth extraction may, therefore, be necessary.

Non-functional Teeth – There are teeth that are mal-positioned; their growth does not contribute to the function and aesthetics of your mouth. These teeth can be removed without affecting your bite.

Periodontal Therapy for Healthy Teeth and Gums

This form of therapeutic dentistry is essential because the gums serve as the foundation of the teeth. Periodontal therapy involves the examination and treatment of not just the gums but also the bone structure of the teeth. Root scaling and planing may be performed to clean your gums deeply, removing hardened plaque that can be the cause of gum disease.

Benefits of Therapeutic Dentistry

• Helps you achieve the state of optimum oral health

• Prevents plaque buildup that can lead to dental problems and gum disease

• Avoids the spread of decay and bacteria

• Prevents gum disease and its ill effects

We, at Alliance Family Dental, are here to help you reach your optimum oral health. This can be achieved in various ways, which include daily brushing and flossing, taking advantage of preventive dentistry treatments, and taking therapeutic dentistry procedures when necessary. Dr. Barber and our team are dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain healthy and beautiful teeth.

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